There’s A Big Shift going on in the world today, the way we live and work is dramatically changing. More of us than ever before, want to be living in a world where we can live a freedom lifestyle. One where we have more time, energy and financial resources to invest into our own personal development and life journey.  A world where we can spend more time and energy with our friends and family, and a world where we get to travel and visit new places and meet new people. 

To thrive in this world, we need to be in service to one another, sharing our passions, gifts, talents of doing things that we love. That’s why I decided to follow my heart´s desire and become a lifestyle and wellness writer, a life Coach and the founder of ´Love Happy Body´. I am also in the process of starting up a new business this year called ´The Sideliners´which helps people in similar situations to transform their passions and hobbies into sideline jobs where they can develop new skills and increase their income.

Single Important Person

Part of this big shift is about putting your well-being first, and valuing yourself as a single important person (S.I.P.). This is the basis of my Life Coaching work. I support you to become aware of your core strengths, gifts and talents, so you can start developing them and bringing out the best of what is you, into this world. 

Through my Life Coaching & Training, I give you the necessary tools and support to build your Go Getter confidence and strive for what you truly want in your life, a life where you shift from surviving to thriving.  

What my clients say about me and my work

Sophie has been absolutely amazing her advice was invaluable I was so unhappy at my last role and wanted to be a company secretary or executive Personal Assistant. Sophie encouraged me to get the qualifications to further and push myself more so I did and now thanks to her I am now working as a company secretary. Thanks Sophie I will forever be in your debt

Sophia really helped me gain confidence to start painting furniture again. I have started up a shabby chic business on my front porch. My jewellery making idea will shortly follow. Sophia is really good at giving advice and every time we chat face to face I want to better myself. Thank you so much Sophia for making me go and do what I love and for helping me come out of my shell. I totally recommend your services.

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