Sophia Husbands is the Go Getter!

An experienced coach, trainer and writer who helps people transition into different careers; and create new sideline job opportunities. I have also written as a Freelance Writer for publications including HuffPost USA, I create compelling content to engage audiences, provoke thought and inspire positivity. Specialising in writing for the lifestyle and wellness sectors, I write with honesty, humour and empathy – telling great stories in a generous, informed and approachable way.

10 years’ experience of training and writing includes:

★ Author of ‘Be Happy’ (just read it, it’s fab)

★ Visiting Law Lecturer at Abingdon & Witney College, Oxford.

★ Owner of a tuition and training business.

★ Creating high quality content, blogs and articles

★ Knowing my stuff when it comes to well-being and lifestyle topics

★ Digging for facts, revealing the truth (research, more research and challenging it)

Before focusing on a career in coaching and writing, I enjoyed the level of diversity you would typically expect from a curious, go-getting polymath! Career roles alongside consulting in the last 12 years have been international and have included senior roles with giants in the Medical, Construction and Energy sectors. 

Me on a business trip in Germany

At the airport on route to Germany from London – work trip

Qualifications that have propped up this career include a Degree in Accounting and Law, CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accounting) and Prince 2 Project Management

These amazing, fast-paced roles and living overseas has provided me with an enormous amount of experience and material to draw upon in my coaching and writing career. Known for trying anything once – I’ve also tried and tested my musical talents by singing on competitive TV shows!

I am based in London and Europe, but have clients across the globe as a coach and freelance writer. 

It was fun living in Amsterdam

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