How To Put Your Well Being First (S.I.P.) coaching

When we were children, life was very easy for most of us, as we instinctively knew what love was and how to instantly ‘feel-good’. There were no conditions to being loved. No confusion on whether love needs to be reciprocated, or if we are worthy of love.

Our needs were also fulfilled. This started with the basics like being clothed, fed and protected from the elements. We had a feeling of being safe. As toddlers, walking or crawling around, discovering new things and being humoured by the little simplicities and joys in life, we knew what happiness was. Along with this, we also knew how to dream and visualise. We experienced how things would manifest with ease. How there were limitless possibilities. As we got older, we started to have dreams about what we wanted to do. 

There was no inner chat or negative dialogue like: “Get real”, “I can’t do this”, “I do not have enough money”, “Maybe one day”. In short, we did not understand the concept of excuses which we create in our adult life. So it’s important to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you finding excuses for not living your life exactly how you want to live it?
  • Do you stand up for your own beliefs, opinions and perspective?
  • Do you believe that you can be loved and have an awesome relationship with someone special in your life?

In our adult life, it is easy to slip into behaviours which have nothing good to do with being kind to ourselves. This is the same with how we race through our everyday lives. Sometimes we forget about putting ourselves first for many reasons which can include:

  • Social conditioning 
  • Beliefs which are not true (fears)
  • Guilt about receiving instead of giving 
  • Forgetting about loving ourselves 

Sophia Husbands is the GoGetter, a work and lifestyle designer who can help you to successfully make powerful changes in your life, to effectively navigate your way through important life transitions and create balance in your work and lifestyle. The GoGetter service also helps you to find your niche and create your own Sideline business. Sophia’s coaching program helps you to get clarity on the best outcome for you, create a plan, take action and go get the life you truly want by putting your well being first. 

Benefits of Putting Your Well-Being First (S.I.P.) 

We can learn a lot from our childhood. The feelings of being unconditionally loved and the knowing that we are worthy of having a rich and juicy life. As a single important person you are not restrained by societal conditions, meaning that you have the freedom to be your true self. So if you want to be a single parent, you can or if you want to live your life on your own, you can. There is no shame or guilt for choosing to live your life the way you want to live it. We need to remind ourselves from time-to-time that we are a SIngle Important Person (S.I.P.).

So here is a list of just some of the key benefits of being a Single Important Person:

  • No Need to Compare Yourself to Others  – When you compare yourself to others you are stealing some of the ´joy of life´ from yourself. We don’t have to be in a mode of feeling lacking, it is best to realise that we can do things at our own pace and in our own way.  It is not a race, it is about finding what is right for you.There is no need to keep up with Jones´s. So it is far better to concentrate on your own strengths and successes, be grateful for everyone in your life and be grateful for what you have. The more you can do this, the better you start to feel about your own life and so your life experience starts to improve. 

  • Healthier Relationships // Positive Social Networks: It’s important to foster healthy relationships and communicate with the people around you in a positive manner because they will affect your attitude towards life, how you perceive your reality and inspire you on your journey to reach your life goals. This is because as you learn to put your well being first you realise that you don’t like being around friends that bring you down, people who are constantly judging you or not accepting who you are. So choose your close friends wisely. 

  • You Take More Care of Your Body: As you start to put your well being first, so your love happy body improves. What do we mean by love happy body? Love relates to partnerships and relationships. Loving yourself first, although it can also refer to romantic love with someone else. Happy = Happiness this is how we find our ‘feel-good’ vibe and navigate through life in a balanced way like designing your own happiness by going on a solo road trip with your dog for example. And Body = Nurturing yourself.  Looking after yourself through fitness, being aware of what you put in your body and being in “tune” with it. Also covers beauty as well.  

  • Give Yourself More Love: As adults, when we make mistakes, or fail at something we are doing, or experience a setback, all too often we talk negatively to ourselves and can even become self-sabotaging. But when we understand that we are the single important person in our lives then we start to treat ourselves with more kindness and respect. Life is about going through experiences, some challenges that may test us. We always have the opportunity to grow and develop. We should be wary of the words we say to each other, as they are powerful. Understand that things may not go according to plan but see that as a learning journey.  Be patient and understand we only did what we thought was best at the time.

  • You Practice Positive Self-Talk: You start to change the way that you speak to yourself, becoming more positive, loving and self-compassionate so you can overcome self-doubt, and take on new challenges. The next time you start thinking that it’s not your place to speak up at a business meeting or that you are too out of shape to get fit, don´t allow limiting beliefs to stop you from being yourself. With a little healthy self-talk, you´ll become so eager to stand up and share your opinions without worrying about what others might think of you.

“Save a little for yourself”

Now Take the Next Step to Putting You Well Being First 

Sophia Husbands is the GoGetter and has designed a special work and lifestyle Coaching Programme to help to learn to put your well being first. 

Quick overview of Coaching method:

  • Create a Personal Plan – What is the outcome you want to achieve? 
  • Identifying areas where you are not putting yourself first
  • Identify physical, cognitive (educational), spiritual and social areas which need further development
  • Identifying solutions for improving your well being
  • Setting weekly challenges 
  • Assessing results/progress 
  • Fine-tuning and continued support on real-life situations

And because Sophia offers these coaching services online, so there is flexibility to fit it around your schedule. 


What’s the investment?

A single Coaching session with Sophia costs  £249, but when you book 3 sessions together you get a 10% discount – £672

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