My lockdown lightbulb moment – MySideLineJob (featured in Boots Health & Beauty magazine)

Back in 2017, I had a thought. “Would it be cool to have a job board where you can find a sideline job?” I got excited, as you do when you think that you hit a eureka moment. Spoke to a few people in my network got a few cheers and the common boos from the naysayers. Actually, the last part of the previous sentence was not true. But the reality is that you will get people who are not on board with your vision when you say it aloud! This should not deter you, as people will base their viewpoints on experiences and what they deem is possible.

Fast forward to 2020, where it has been a year of disruption to life as we knew it.

You can read all about why I decided to finally launch my new job board business in the Boots Beauty and Health Magazine.


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